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Sandra Battaglia
[Jackson, Tennessee, USA]

sandra's pictures at photoforum...


Whispers in the Woods
Blue Silence Interrupted
Sun Shower
Pastel Peace
Avenues of Light
The one that got away
River Fog
lower spectrum of rainbows

Serious about photography? Yes, in small ways...as in the small miracles of nature. My shots are never staged, just simple captures as I wander. There is not an ocean or large lake close to where I live...so I try and shoot what nature has provided...which is always fascinating to me in its ever changing glory. :)

I have fun with this media…with sharing what I have seen and enjoying other photographer`s works and views of their part of the world. How wonderful that we can do this!

I think that we all have something to say with our photos...a brief glimpse into our different worlds...a joy of sharing a brief moment of time.

Olympus E10
Olympus E
Kodak DC280
digital camera Olympus E-1
digital camera Kodak DC280